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Creed Movie 2015

Creed Movie 2015

With few Rocky movies left in him, can Sylvester Stallone transfer the franchise over to new talent?. Sylvester Stallone created Rocky, and in many ways the character has defined his career. Both underdogs that nobody ever expected to be champions in their field, Stallone has written and starred in every single Rocky film while directing all but the first and fifth film. Overall there have been six Rocky films, and they earned Stallone his only Oscar and Golden Globe nominations to date, for both Best Actor and writer for that first film.

So naturally, Stallone is very sentimental when it comes to Rocky and has had a hard time letting the character go, along with Rambo. But Stallone has also proven to be a savvy producer, and he obviously realizes that the only thing left Rocky to do at this point is to pass the mantle, and perhaps for Stallone to pass the mantle of the franchise itself as well. And why not? Hollywood is franchise crazy right now, and Rocky certainly has a lot of brand recognition. But what makes this transfer tricky, and perhaps brilliant if it pays off, is that Stallone is handing his Italian Stallion over to a black writer-director and actor, the Fruit vale Station team of Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan.

Narratively it makes sense, as Creed tells the story of the estranged and lost son of Rocky's greatest rival in the ring, Apollo Creed. This brings the story full circle in many ways, as Adonis Creed feels the weight of BOTH his father and Rocky's mantle. Furthermore, an African-American star accurately reflects boxing today. And business-wise it also makes sense, as African-American moviegoers, and non-white moviegoers in general, are becoming more and more potent at thebox office.

But are Coogler and Jordan the right team to make this transition?, Fruitvale Station made an impressive initial splash, but was forgotten by the time awards season came around. Although in a lucky break for Creed, Coogler now is rumored to be the front runner to direct Black Panther after Selma's Ava DuVernay turned Marvel down. Speaking of Marvel, Jordan crashed and burned in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, where the race-bending of Johnny Storm did not have a happy ending.

On top of that, Jordan and Anthony Mackie seem to be in some sort of race to see who put their foot in their mouth the furthest in the press. So yeah while Stallone, and therefore Rocky, vouch for this new team, that doesn't guarantee that audiences will form the same emotional attachment.

The Good Dinosaur Movie 2015

The Good Dinosaur Movie 2015

Is this part of Pixar's comeback?, or a step back?. With Cars 2, Brave and even to some extent Monsters University, it had seemed that Pixar had run out of ideas and with other powerhouse animation studios emerging, most notably Illumination Entertainment, along with step-sibling Disney Animation finally getting the hang "computer animation", many wondered just how long Pixar would be down for the count.

Turns out, the answer is not long, as Inside Out was a huge hit for Pixar - their second biggest opening after Toy Story 3 and their third highest grossing film of all time again after Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo. There's even Best Picture buzz for Inside Out! What's more, Pixar has decided to dig deep - into their back catalog. Finding Dory, Cars 3, Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2 are all fast approaching as the studio that vowed never to get intothe sequel business gets seriously into the sequel business.

After all, original ideas are SCARY, and while sometimes you get results like Inside Out, sometimes you get The Good Dinosaur. Why did Pixar sit out 2014? Because this movie needed THAT big of an overhaul. New director, new producer, new CAST - plus Pixar heavy-hitters John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich and Mark Andrews all took turns trying to tweak the film. In fact, things got so bad and the film suffered such long delays, in the end Pixar Canada was shut down and sixty-seven employees were let go from Pixar itself.

That's right, people weren't just reassigned but lost their JOBS over The Good Dinosaur. That's not so good. And one has to wonder how audiences will react to The Good Dinosaur. I mean, many people refuse to believe we evolved from monkeys - how are they going to feel about humans being dinosaur pets?. Despite all its reworking, only one screenwriter is credited for The Good Dinosaur, Meg LeFauve, who helped write Inside Out and is also working on Captain Marvel.

Speaking of superheroes, there's also quite a bit of interest in the short that will play in front of The Good Dinosaur, Sanjay's Super Team - because it features superheroes. Although, admirably, writer-director Sanjay Patel also said he was eager to add some more diversity to genre entertainment with the short. After The Good Dinosaur, Pixar only has one other original film on deck, their Day of the Dead film Coco - so let's see if it's a shame Pixar isn't making more original films, or a relief.

Victor Frankenstein Movie 2015

Victor Frankenstein Movie 2015

There have been a lot of Frankenstein movies, but never starring a bunch of hot guys. Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Andrew Scott, they don't quite rate an army of Cumber bitches, but each does have a small legion of adoring fans. Interestingly though, even Benedict Cumber batch struggles at the box office, and so has female co-star Jessica Brown Find lay post Downton Abbey. Therefore this movie can't rely on star power, nor can it rely on the source material as the most famous Frankenstein movies to this day remain - despite countless movies having been made - the 1931 original and 1974's Young Frankenstein, and neither are particularly loyal to the source material.

So it would seem the lightning that will hopefully bring this movie to life is Max Landis, the son of infamous director John Landis who made his own splash with Chronicle where he successfully broke down the superhero genre after the tried to reinvent the spy genre with American Ultra, Jason Bourne by way of Pineapple Express, but that failed, tarnishing Landis' rep much to his dismay - he took to Twitter, ranting that original ideas in Hollywood were dead.

Although again, Jason Bourne meets Pineapple Express, right? And Victor Frankenstein isn't an original idea either, but it is an original approach. Here, Landis tells the story from Igor's perspective, who's been re-imagined- well, to be a role that interests Daniel Radcliffe.  But despite Landis' hopefully inventivere-working, and a very solid cast, these elements along with a budget of ninety million have been placed in the hands of director Paul McGuigan, who might've directed some episodes of BBC's Sherlock but also the movies Wicker Park, Lucky Number Slevin and Push. . .  So does has Hollywood doomed itself to failure once more with yet another crazy business decision? Or is Max Landis a one-hit wonder?...

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Movie

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 

Yes, you'll notice that the ad campaign for Mockingjay Part 2 hasn't focused on the franchise coming to an end, but instead the journey of Katniss Everdeen. That's because if you look at distributor Lionsgate's stable of films, they really are the house that The Hunger Games built and like any studio that's been built by a single franchise, they are loathe - and unlikely - to let it go. Plus Lionsgate doesn't even have any franchises to lean on.

Divergent has sprung a box office leak, as has The Expendables, but perhaps Now You See Me will magically turn into a franchise with its sequel set to hit theaters this coming summer. But speaking of box office leaks, The Hunger Games seems to have sprung one itself, while the first two films opened at around one hundred and fifty million, Mockingjay Part 1 debuted with thirty million less - and the latest industry projections have Mockingjay Part 2 coming in below that. What a time for star Jennifer Lawrence to be asking for money, right?.

Male movie stars might make more money, but their box office performances are heavily scrutinized as a result. Rarely are jokes made at the expense of female talent when one of their movies fails to open big at the box office, with perhaps only Angelina Jolie the only shoulder Lawrence will be able to cry on. Yet even Jolie has never posted numbers like Lawrence has with Hunger Games and X-Men Days of Future Past, and with Lawrence being very vocal about not just being paid less so far but making decisions about future movies largely based on the size of the pay check offered, everyone will be watching very closely as Mockingjay Part 2, X-Men Apocalypse, and Passengers with Chris Pratt debut to see if she's indeed worth the extra cash.

But perhaps what has jeopardized Mockingjay Part 2 the most is that a large number of movie goers simply didn't enjoy Part 1 - and this franchise could become a warning against not only breaking up a final book into two parts, but also against shooting those two films back to back which doesn't allow any room to course correct if mistakes are made.

Lionsgate has also moved very aggressively against online coverage with this latest installment, creating far less conversation online for Mockingjay Part 2 in comparison to previous entries - from both professional outlets and fans. So, are the odds still in this franchise's favor? Or has its image transitioned to one more inline with the Capital than the Rebellion?.


Watch Chain Mail (2015)

tagalog movies

A usual chain mail is forwarded to a group of people. Some pass it while others ignore. One dies and is followed by series of sudden and unexplainable deaths of others. Soon after, a revelation begins to unfold, the chain mail is cursed and so she has to find the origin and mystery behind to stop the misfortunes it may cause to anyone who fails to pass it before another life perish again. Sandra also suspects Anne is behind the tragic incidents that happened to their friends. Will she break the curse before it’s too late or will she become one of the victims?

Meg Imperial
Shy Carlos
Nadine Lustre
AJ Muhlach
Rose Van Ginkel
Caleb Santos
Mark Bautista
Perla Bautista
Jackie Lou Blanco
John Regala
Bernardo Bernardo
Menggie Cobarrubias
Jaycee Parker
Prince Stefan
Josh Padilla
Arkin del Rosario
Carlo Laserna
Issa Pressman
Chad Kinis
Kim Molina
Clint Bondad
Clark Merced
Billy Villeta
Arvic Rivero
Ryan Kevin

Adolfo Alix, Jr.

Suspense, Thriller

Viva Films 


Watch The Breakup Playlist (2015)

tagalog movies 

What if you have a dream and that dream leads you to love? In Dan Villegas’ “The Breakup Playlist,” Trixie David (Sarah Geronimo), a law student (by her parent’s – especially her mother’s – choice) and hopeful musician, catches the attention of popular rock star Gino Avila (Piolo Pascual) during a music camp and invites her to be part of his band. Trixie and Gino’s connection through music soon develops into something more, and they fall in love. However, personal issues and ambition challenge Trixie and Gino’s love for each other. Will they be able to hold on to their love forever? Or will it, just like any song, end eventually?

Piolo Pascual
Sarah Geronimo
Dennis Padilla
Rio Locsin
Badji Mortiz
Teddy Corpuz
Maris Racal
Anna Luna
Basti Artadi
Jett Pangan
Cris Villonco
Diego Loyzaga

Dan Villegas

Romance, Drama

Star Cinema,viva Films


Watch Just The Way You Are (2015)

tagalog movies 

Drake Sison (Enrique Gil) is a boy who loves to win – so when he loses in a bet with friends, he’s determined to make up for it – through another one. He needs to make a girl fall in love with him in 30 days. But she’s not just any other girl, she’s Sophia Taylor (Liza Soberano), a nerdy transferee who isn’t into playing games. In the end, whose heart will be played? Who will win in this game of love?

Enrique Gil
Liza Soberano
Yayo Aguila
Alex Diaz
Jon Lucas
Chienna Filomeno
Marco Gumabao
Myrtle Sarrosa
Kyra Custodio
Miguel Vergara
Tonton Gutierrez
Sunshine Cruz
Yves Flores
Sue Ramirez
Erin Ocampo

Theodore "Ted" Boborol

Romance, Comedy, Drama

Star Cinema


Watch The Love Affair (2015)

tagalog movies
"The Love Affair” revolves around the intertwining stories of Vince (Richard Gomez), Tricia (Dawn Zulueta), and Adie (Bea Alonzo), who will find themselves at the “crossroads” of their lives. Will they find their happiness?

Richard Gomez
Dawn Zulueta
Bea Alonzo
Tetchie Agbayani
Al Tantay
Ana Capri
Ina Feleo
Khalil Ramo
Jane Oineza
Manolo Pedrosa
Ariel Ureta
Alex Medina
Evangeline Pascual
Miguel Faustmann
Eda Nolan
Roeder Camanag
Andre Garcia
Hannah Ledesma
Graf Fernandez
Victor Silayan
Tom Rodriguez

Nuel Naval


Star Cinema

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